Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association

A Report from the President of the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association

Welcome to the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association web site. 

     The Giant Chinchilla is one of the few really unique breeds of rabbits.   It is the only breed that calls for a moderately long body type and the only Chinchilla breed or variety that has a normal commercial fur (fly-back).  It is the only giant breed that is judged primarily for its commercial value and qualities as a five pound fryer at two months of age is not uncommon.  The Giant Chinchilla is one of the best, if not one of the greatest, all purpose rabbit breeds raised in the United States.  The Giant Chinchilla is a very beautiful rabbit when it is in prime coat and has good color.  If the Giant Chinchilla is handled frequently it becomes a very big baby.

     The Giant Chinchilla is one of the first breeds to have been developed in the United States.  The Giant Chinchilla was developed by the late Edward H. Stahl of Kansas City, MO and was first exhibited at the Kansas City, MO fall show in 1922 and  later in Omaha, NE and that rabbit was named the Million Dollar Princess ever since.

     The Giant Chinchilla is making a very strong come back.  It has been on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy watch list for several years.  For that reason several people have purchased breeding stock to help keep the breed alive and well.  If you are interested in purchasing breeding stock, check the Breeder's Directory on this web site for a breeder near you.  If they don't have stock available they will put you in touch with someone that does.  There are several reputable breeders around the country that have stock for sale or will have if you would like to put in an order.    We encourage you to join our Club and receive a News letter and a list of breeders.  The cost of the membership is only $9.00!!!  

Mail your Name, Age, Phone number, Address and Email along with the membership fee to our Secretary, Mary Ellen Stamets (address on Board of Directors page). You may download the membership form at

Thank you!  Carl W. Filliater, President  

 A Note:  Mr. Carl Filliater, who served our club for many years, passed away in the Spring of 2015.  He is greatly missed.  There are many articles in the Table of Contents
by him to help you learn about the Giant Chinchilla rabbit.  The article, Photos Evaluating Your GC, is especially helpful for all of you wanting to learn how to judge
your own rabbits or one you may considering for purchase.