Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association

Historical Articles on Giant Chins and Ed Stahl

Our thanks go out to Eric Tudor for his efforts in compiling this info for us when he was doing research on the Silver Fox.  You can get a better view of the pages by using your "arrows" on your keyboard.  They will allow you to view the entire pages that have been
rather "squashed" in the margins here.  If your arrows won't allow you to view all the photos there is a bar at the very bottom of this page that will allow you to go from the far left to the far right and see all the details.

Note the picture showing all the hutches and the multitude of cars with customers.  What a time that was!! 

I did get my computer technician to help me get these pictures loaded and he did not know how to "expand" them within the confines of the web site (ala you have to use the space bar at the bottom of this page or the "arrows" on your keyboard. )  However,  if any of you very computer savvy people reading this might know how to do that, let me know and we might be able to make  this page better!


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